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Mommin #2

Whew. Well. I didn't realize I haven't done a follow up to the mommin posts. With that in mind, I think this is the perfect time to get down to it. For starters, I'll repeat what I've probably said a hundred times elsewhere, being a parent is tough work. It's challenging to pull through every… Continue reading Mommin #2

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Together We Go – Adventure #6

Already another adventure?! Yes! It is my goal to make new experiences much closer together than months apart like when we fell off the bandwagon during the winter months.  Part of what I'm learning is that having an "Adventure" doesn't mean we necessarily have to go somewhere off in the mountains but rather having new… Continue reading Together We Go – Adventure #6

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Learning to be Comfortable

In one of my lasts posts, I talked about self love and embracing ourselves. I wanted to continue on that in a way. As a lot of you know, I love photography (probably evident by all the pictures I post) and I would love to have a photography business some day soon. My biggest challenge… Continue reading Learning to be Comfortable

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Together We Go – Adventure #5

With the winter season upon us and long working days, our adventures were very few. Thankfully, it's starting to warm up for some days here and there, and I'm trying to take full advantage of them! As of recent, I am a stay at home mom looking for a way to be self-sufficient and have… Continue reading Together We Go – Adventure #5

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Self Love – Embrace Yourself

Sometimes in today's age, we feel the need to show perfection. To be perfect. To always be better. To look better. That as we are just isn't good enough. It's sad really. There is definitely a point of bettering ourselves but we always must learn to love and accept ourselves as we are. We must… Continue reading Self Love – Embrace Yourself

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Some Yummy Goodness

With so many things going on lately, blogging has been pushed aside. But I say enough! Enough of putting it on the back burner. I am determined to find the time to do this. To write to my hearts content. To give you guys an outpour of this brain of mine. I'm determined to get back… Continue reading Some Yummy Goodness

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Together We Go – Adventure #4

On another adventure we branched out on a couple months ago, the level of ease was another key factor in finding a place to go. Roxborough State Park is tucked away a little south of Denver but the drive down is worth it. The park is a little odd in that when you first enter,… Continue reading Together We Go – Adventure #4