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I thought I was

There was a point in my life even up until a few months ago, I thought I was incapable of feeling. I thought I was cold hearted and in a lot of ways, I am. I lack many emotions. I lack feeling much empathy for people. I am not good with being sensitive or tactful. I thrive on sarcasm and witty comments. But even with those aspects of my being, I was also wrong about myself. I realized something. I realized there is a part of me in there that does feel.

They say something comes along in your life that fills an emptiness you didn’t know you had. And it’s completely true. My heart strings began being tugged when we got Cooper. Yes, Cooper. He may just be a dog to you but to me, he’s my best friend. Each day, I love that little booger more and more. He makes life complete in so many ways. Add Zoe to the mix and the love just keeps on growing (despite her stubborn, annoying little tendencies).

But even with the two of them and feeling “complete” for the time being, there was another void finally uncovered. One I never thought would be there for me and one I never thought I wanted. But I was wrong again.

And now, that “what I never thought I wanted” became a conscious decision to “it’s all I want.” And that “it’s all I want” is growing happily in my belly with just a few weeks away from making it’s debut.

Our lives will forever be changed and forever be touched. And that, my friend, is a new chapter I’m ready to tackle.


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