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Would It Help?

“Would it help?”  That’s a profound statement I’ve recently discovered. Upon looking at it, it doesn’t seem significant but digging deeper and explaining why I brought this up, I think you’ll be more apt to open your eyes to it.

If it happens to sound familiar, that’s because it’s taken from the movie “Bridge of Spies” starring Tom Hanks. This isn’t usually the type of movie I end up watching but it was definitely worth it and I do recommend it. In a nutshell, Tom Hanks is a lawyer defending an accused Russian spy.  Throughout the movie, the “spy” uses this phrase as a response to some of Hanks questioning.  For example, (spoiler) when found guilty, Hanks asked why he wasn’t mad to which his response was “would it help?” Hearing this applied to several situations, it got me thinking.

We, especially in today’s society, are quick to get upset or let situations beyond our control negatively affect us. In reality, it doesn’t ever benefit us or anyone to act that way so why not rethink those situations and react differently? Sure, it’s easy to be negative but why not strive to do better..to be better. Consider it a personal challenge. The next time you’re faced with a situation, ask yourself “would it help?”

Remember, some things are just beyond our control. Focus on how we react and maybe, just maybe, we can work on making our lives have a better outlook more often.


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