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Those Product Reviews!

We all love product reviews, right?! They come in so handy when you’re looking for that perfect product and so I’m here to save the day….well not really. But maybe some of this will help you out.

Prenatals…..this is such a crucial thing for us pregnant ladies and NO not all prenatal vitamins are created equal. I may sound crazy but I did a good bit of research on quality prenatals still at reasonable prices. THESE ARE THEM. Rainbow Light Prenatal One. They are amazing and honestly I’m pretty certain they’re what’s helped me have a smooth time so far. I tried a couple weeks taking the samples the doctor’s office gave me and it did not go so well. One made me bloated with a bunch of gas and a couple others made me sooooo sick. I tried them for a week and decided to switch back to “mine.”  Let me tell you, it made a huge difference. Within a couple days I was already doing so much better and that right there told me all I needed to know. Another plus of them is that they are whole food vegan based and also have ginger in them. Hands down, these are recommended. img_1880

Deodorant….I know I know. You’re probably thinking “is she serious?” Yes. Yes I am. Here’s why. The scented versions didn’t sit well with my sensitive pregnancy nose and after trying a couple different ones, I finally decided to find an unscented one. It’s NOT easy, surprisingly. Several that stated “unscented” still had a scent to them and I wasn’t having it. So there I stood on the deodorant aisle for forever smelling deodorants trying to find a true unscented one anddddd I found one. Arm & Hammer Ultra Max. I love it so much that I’ll probably always use it and never go back to those other smelling ones.

Face Moisturizer…some people like to shell out tons of money on this one particular product in hopes of miracles I guess but I can say that I’ve tried a few pricier creams and still have stuck with the one I’ve been using a couple rounds now. St. Ives Timeless Skin. The container is significantly larger than most and hands down much cheaper. At $5.44 for a 10 oz container at Walmart, you really can’t go wrong. Some have said that it’s because I’m young and don’t have to worry about all the issues of older women that I can get away with using such a product. And they may be right but I also started taking care of my skin long ago so I wouldn’t have to battle those issues. This cream, in my opinion, leaves my face smooth and tight and has been my go to. It’s the perfect thickness without leaving you feeling clogged or like a greaseball. Recently, at night, I started to apply a very thin layer of coconut oil on my face after applying this as well just to give me that extra boost of goodness. What do you have to lose? Give this a shot.

Face Primer…some people love them. Some people hate them. I, personally, have mixed feelings on it. I’ve tried some I really did like and others that didn’t do anything for me. I managed picking up a drugstore product on an impulse a couple months back and I actually like it. L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. Ok so this technically doesn’t say primer but that’s essentially what it is for me. It comes out white and applies to your skin and changes to a pigmented color that matches your skin tone.  I like that this really helps even out my complexion these past couple months of winter paleness. It is mattifing which I never go for but this works quite well. It gives just enough matte finish without overdoing it and still leaves me with some dew. (At least that’s how it works on me anyways). You can easily wear this alone or as a base as I do but if you need something basic, I recommend giving this a try.

Have any of you tried these products yet?! Let me know your thoughts.


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