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Seriously, allllll you ladies out there having gone through or who are currently pregnant, you can relate.  I said in a previous post some of the initial pregnancy issues we tend to have but let’s face it, it doesn’t stop there. The list just continues to grow! So I’m back with a newly updated roll out for you guys. Let’s begin.

  1. A never ending growing belly – is it just me or does every day feel like you are twice the size??
  2. Can’t reach the floor well anymore. It sometimes take a few tries if I have to pick up anything.
  3. Hard to get off that dang couch if you are in any way sprawled out relaxing. (and not because  you’re finally somewhat comfortable but because you just can’t roll yourself off!)
  4. You’re uncomfortable 24/7…essentially. There’s very rare occasions where you are fine and most of those are when you’re sleeping and don’t know it!
  5. Aching neck, shoulders, and back. Some days it’s my lower back that aches but I’ve learned to sleep reclined and it helps a ton. Sadly, it’s now my upper/mid back that is killing me!
  6. Sleepless nights (but then you finally get over alot of them because you bought a nifty pregnancy pillow that is amazing and you’ve been doing stretches before bed that help a ton)
  7. Lightheadedness.
  8. Headaches…man the headaches.
  9. Food aversions. Is that meat I smell?? Grosssss…. (seriously, I love bacon and can’t stand it right now)
  10. Barely keeping your eyes open during the day.
  11. Not fitting into anything.
  12. Feeling like you’re a whale who ate another whale.
  13. And looking like one too.
  14. Being tired literally just from a trip to the store… or a walk across the room.
  15. Pregnancy brain…. I’m a little better than I was a few weeks ago (sorta) but I still am in a fog!
  16. Andddd still having some days of that awful gas I talked about previously!
  17. Did I mention wanting to fall asleep constantly? Just saying.

But thankfully, here are a few things I’ve been lucky to skip so far

  1. Cravings. Nope. Don’t have them. It’s great.
  2. Crazy weight gain. I may look and feel like a whale but as of my check in last week, I only have gained 8 pounds! I just need to make sure to keep a slow steady pace like that.
  3. Acne. Maybe it’s my face wash. Maybe it’s just luck. But I’m thankful.
  4. Heartburn. I’ve managed to only have a couple issues with this but that’s because I ate super spicy stuff so really it was my fault.
  5. Emotional mood swings and such. Now I’ve had a couple moments of crying but for the most part I’ve not been affected by the back and forth mood swings…keeping my fingers crossed on this!

Obviously there’s a recurrent theme here! But still, hands down, feeling that movement in my belly throughout the day is by far the absolute best feeling and I know it’s all going to be worth it!

Ladies, who agrees?!


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