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Recipes at Your Service 

Ready for more recipes?! I promise I’ll never leave you disappointed! Let’s begin.

Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole
Who doesn’t like Cracker Barrel’s version? Exactly. It’s hard not to love it. And this recipe will give you your fix. The recipe calls for either cream of chicken or cream of cheddar and because I was making this for a group with a couple vegetarians, I used the cream of cheddar and I don’t have a single complaint. Almost the whole pan was gone. I specifically had to save a small amount to take home to the hubby. So please, give this a try.

Pizza Margherita Grilled Cheese
Let me go ahead and preface this. This has potential. I’d make it again but I’d definitely make it differently. BUT, I will also say, that’s because I do NOT like sweet tomato sauces. I hate them. Alot. And this sauce was sweet. And I didn’t even add the full amount of sugar it calls for. Going forward, I’d make my go to homemade sauce and then I feel like this would be perfect! Now don’t let me scare you from trying it as is because, well, it’s still pretty tasty and worth it.  It’s a great combination of flavors (minus the sweetness) and is a such a nice change to traditional full out meals.

Mongolian Beef & Broccoli
I don’t particularly care for much Asian food. I am picky about what I eat and I have to be in the mood to eat it. So one day when the hubby sent me a text with a link for this and saying we could make for dinner, I was less than thrilled but hey, I had to give it a shot. And plus, I didn’t have to think about what to cook! So I made it. And I’d make it again. It was super simple to prepare and admittingly quite tasty. If I’ve approved it, then you know you’re going to like it.

Spinach & 3 Cheese Manicotti
The only downfall here is that it’s hard to find a box of manicotti in the store that’s not already all broken up. So, you settle for whatever you can get! I did end up adding ground deer meat to the mix and I almost wish I hadn’t. Or maybe not quite as much anyways. It was a little “too” much if that makes sense. But overall, this was very good. And don’t let it fool you. It makes alottttt of food. Alot. I had leftovers for dayssss and even then I had to throw some out that I didn’t get a chance to eat before it went bad. Something I will note, as you’ll see a trend, I, of course, made my own sauce. (It never fails me.)

Peach & Blueberry Cobbler
How can I not include a dessert? It’s a must item once in a while. This cobbler is so easy to make that I’m sure you won’t believe it. But try it. Go ahead. Just do it. It’s perfect for those days where you want something sweet but don’t want to spend forever in the kitchen.  Be warned! I’m pretty sure the blueberries turned my mouth blue! (Oh and a side note, I’d probably add more fruit than it calls for next time…maybe I used too big of a cast iron skillet is why. Not sure.)

So there’s your next lineup. Have you tried any of these?! Do you want to? Let me know if you do.


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