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Cheers to 17 weeks

People often say “pregnancy is a beautiful thing.” And ok. Sure we get what they mean. Our bodies are growing a human and that’s truly incredible. I get it. And I agree. But when it boils down to everything else that’s experienced…it is far from beautiful. Some ladies may not want to admit the craziness and disgusting factors that take place but it’s reality and it happens (and if you were that one lucky chick that really didn’t experience the chaotic symptoms, then kudos to you)!

Let’s begin shall we.

  1. Gas – As some of you witnessed by a post I made on social media, gas has shown it’s face and it is NOT pretty. I was so thankful to be off of work the other day to finally be able to release as much as I could when I wanted to instead of holding it in. However, lesson learned. Don’t hold it in. Gas is never fun but add being pregnant with an already growing belly, it makes for some pretty sharp pains! A few friends have chimed in and said to just let them rip but also that Gas-X was their best friend during their pregnancy. Thank you ladies. It’s definitely been noted!
  2. Itchy boobs and armpits – location of itchiness I’m sure varies from woman to woman but man it’s my boobs and armpits (occasionally my feet as well). Have you ever tried to discretely scratch those places trying not to look a fool while sitting in an office full of people? Nope it can’t be done.
  3. Bathroom trips – I was the person who had to pee all the time before being pregnant. Now it’s just ten times worse. I’ve reached the point of having to lean forward to pee and lift my belly ever so slightly just to help it come out. Yea. It happens. We’ve all been there and I know the farther along I am, the worse it’ll be.
  4. Being so incredibly thirsty you could drink the ocean – no seriously, this happens. I’m always parched no matter how much water I drink  and it’s alot let me tell you. I’m even waking up dry mouthed in the middle of the night downing water. Can you say super annoying?
  5. Hunger – thankfully I haven’t had much experience with this one yet as I’m just now getting an appetite. Don’t worry. I’ve still been eating plenty because if I don’t manage to eat every 2-3 hours I get sick. I love food….but now…now I’m kind of hating it.  Anyways. Hunger is hunger. Wrong. Pregnancy hunger is horrible. It comes out of nowhere. Literally, you’ll be sitting there one minute perfectly fine and five seconds later it hits and it’s like you can feel it in your soul. “But belly, you just ate an hour ago.” …”Feedddd meeeee nowwwwww.”  You mommas know what I’m talking about!
  6. Add to all this the extra difficulty breathing, the pressure from a growing belly, tight clothes that make you so incredibly uncomfortable, trouble sleeping and end up waking up every hour or two, constipation/bloat, the overwhelming tiredness you feel constantly, the beginning stages of waddling when you walk at times and difficulty starting in reaching the floor or bending over, pregnancy is NOT a beautiful thing…ok it is and totally worth it but seriously the struggles are real. And this is still early stages!

Can I get an Amen from all my mothers out there?! You know it’s all true!


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