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Happiness 31-35

With all the realities of life happening, sitting here the other day I realized it was time for another happiness list. The most random things came to mind, and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for thinking of some of them but let’s face it…when you read the below, I think you’ll tend to agree!

So for this happiness list, I’ve added a slight twist: best feelings. Confused?! Ok ok. Let’s continue.

31. Blowing my nose – I’ve been sick for about 3 weeks with the last 2 being pretty rough. When you combine being pregnant, moving to a new place with a drier climate, and allergies, you get apparently a pretty bad upper respiratory infection (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it is). Regular medicine isn’t helping so I need to go on antibiotics. To the doctor’s I go! Anyways, when you’re sick and extremely congested and FINALLY blow a crap ton of snot out your nose, it’s literally the absolute best feeling. I’m not wrong, am I?!

32. Stripping out your clothes – packing into clothes with a growing belly isn’t fun. I want to be in sweatpants and baggy tshrits all day every day but it’s just not an option for me unfortunately. So I quite treasure the moment I walk in the door from work and can hop in a nice hot shower (which is amazing in itself) and then throw on my pjs. Pregnant or not, it’s a great feeling for anyone. (And ladies, getting out that dang bra….yesssss).

33. Bathroom trips – when you reallyyyyy have to pee and you finally sit down on the toilet to go….there’s always a sigh of relief we make, isn’t there?!  Andddd we all know it’s definitely a huge relief to finally go #2 when you’ve been constipated for days (and pregnancy hasnt taken it easy on me!)

34. Laying in bed – you don’t even notice how tired you are sometimes until you crawl into bed but the moment you lay down it’s like your whole body thanks you. There’s almost an instant moment of revelation of “ahh this is nice.”

35. Making it to the top of the stairs – y’all. I’m only 16 weeks and have ONE flight of stairs in my house and by the time I make it to the top, I feel like I’m dying. My heart is racing, and I can’t breathe (being sick doesn’t help I’m sure but still…). But, I feel so accomplished once I make it up there because well, it took ALOT of effort on my part.

So see, completely random but when all is said, these are the realities we all face so don’t be afraid to admit it too!.

Til next time…


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