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Maybe one more adventure…

So maybe we have one more adventure to tell you about. Maybe one that we failed to mention so far. With the move has come many changes and opportunities for us as well as new ways of life.  Along with this, we’ve managed to tackle a couple other things that will bring on even more changes, sleepless nights, and learning curves.

With tears in my eyes as I’m writing this, (thank you hormones), we proudly let you know that we are adding a munchkin to our bubble of sarcasm and badassness.

At 14 weeks, lots of sleepiness, gas, constipation, and a crazy sniffer, I am quite excited for the upcoming  addition, as is my baby daddy (he already calls me his baby momma so i feel entitled to call him baby daddy…just sayin. it’s only fair).  After being gone from him for a few weeks with the move, when I first got here, he put his hands on my belly and it was literally the best and sweetest feeling. (tears).

We both didn’t want kids for what I swore would be forever but we love our dogs so much and being the crazy person I am, I wanted my own little thing to talk back to me. The hubs is so adamant it’s a boy and if I even mention any possibility about it being a girl, he’ll tell me to “think positive thoughts!”  Good thing I want a boy too. Butttt the wait continues. We won’t find out the gender until it’s born.

So there you have it. I think I’m done dropping bombshells. Maybe. But that’s why they are called adventures!

Baby O: July 2017 


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