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New Adventures

I love adventure. And in my mind, I tend to wonder “well who doesn’t?!” But then I’m brought back to reality and realize that a large portion of today’s society really just does not fall into the same category as me. New places. New people. New explorations. I find it all so exciting, but I do understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For me personally, I tend to get bored with a place. With the same ole surroundings day in and day out. A monotony if you will. It’s then that I’m ready for what’s next on the list. Both my husband and I, thankfully, are on the same page when it comes to experiencing this feeling. We just sort of know that it’s time to go. So several months back, we began contemplating a move from what was our current place to something better suited for us. But what was that? What place were we destined for in our next chapter? Research ensued and there began a whole new set of questions and lists of pros and cons and so on. We also agreed that our next move would be more permanent. That we’d settle down and plant some roots for a while. Despite the almost endless possibilities we had in front of us, we narrowed it down to two places we could potentially call our new home.  From there, you guessed it…moreeee research. But alas, we arrived to our decision.

Over the past month and a half, a new adventure fell into our laps and of course we jumped at the opportunity! We made the long trek from good ole Georgia/Tennesse area to our new home of Colorado. It’s been a long few weeks for sure, but every step of the way has been and will continue to be worth it. Neither one of us had ever been here (which sparked most people’s…fear…anxiety..I’m not sure.. but some just couldn’t fathom doing such a thing) but we knew it was the right place.

My husband left out weeks before I did in order to get moved up and settled and begin his new position with his company while I stayed back to finish up things on my end. Anddd I finally arrived a couple days ago and honestly couldn’t be happier. He’s happier too. He absolutely loves the area, and I seriously cannot wait to explore as much as possible.

Call it my hormones or the lack of sleep from what was the longest drive of my life, but my heart is full and my eyes might have teared up a few times since arriving. There’s already a huge sense of calm among us, and I already feel like we could not have made a better decision. I finally feel…at home.



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