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Happiness 26-30

I realized it’s been a while since I added to my happiness list and while sitting in the sun (my happy place), I thought what better post to do than this! 

We tend to take things for granted in this life. We overlook many joys while we focus on negatives, but when we stop and breathe for a moment, we begin to take note of the things that make us happy no matter if it’s simplest of things or the most complex. 

Cue below list. 

26. Adventures – I feel as though some people aren’t meant to stay in one place their whole life. I feel they are meant to travel. To explore. And I feel that person is me. I love new adventures. New places, and I eagerly await my next one. My next journey to add to me. 

27. Jeans that fit just right – for women these days, finding proper fitting jeans is tough. With all the skinny jeans and jeggings and this amount of cotton and spandex and this fit and and that, things become quite complicated and kinda overwhelming. But then you find it. The p-e-r-f-e-c-t jeans. They hug all the right curves and fall to just the right length. You know what I’m talking about ladies. It’s these jeans you wear endlessly til they fall apart. The ones you feel super confident and sexy in and don’t mind spending the day wearing. Yes. Those jeans. 

28. Thought provoking questions – whether funny or serious, I love questions. I love asking people things that make them think and gives me an insight to who they are. My coworkers have been subjected to this lately and they hate me for it (but secretly love it). “Ugh really? Another question?” But they are troopers and answer it every time. It gives us plenty laughs and conversation starters to help us through the day and it’s been interesting learning things about people I spend most of my days with. 

29. Sales/clearance prices – lets face it. Finding a great deal will make anyone happy. It’s almost a victory of sorts when we snatch up those bargains. I mean, come on. Am I wrong? Exactly my point. 

30. Inspiring/helping others – what’s not rewarding about this? I absolutely love helping people succeed or work towards their goals. I love pushing people to accomplish things when they doubt themselves. Now don’t get me wrong, I may not be nice about it at times. Call me drill sergeant, but it gets the job done. 

Let me know some things that make YOU happy. I’d love to hear from you. 

Until next time! 


6 thoughts on “Happiness 26-30”

  1. All these things make me happy too! Happiness is so easily overlooked. I strive to be joyous, so that no matter my circumstance my disposition remains. I think happiness is more easily discovered through joy:)
    Great post!


  2. It’s hard to remember the simple things, those things that can bring you happiness and joy and make you smile.

    I’ve been going through some struggles with things lately, and this post brings back a reminder and promise I made to myself a while back.

    Always enjoy the simple things and don’t let life’s struggles bring you down. Great post, thank you for the reminder and motivation. Miss seeing you!


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