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Told him goodbye 

written by me: september 28, 2016

Her heart was healing one day at a time.
But it wasn’t easy with him plaguing her mind.

She wanted to be free.
She wanted to not care.
But she loved him so deeply,
it was just a little hard to bear.

She kept a pain in her chest that made it hard to breathe.
And with each day passing, it still hurt more than she could believe.

He wasn’t coming back.
This she knew for sure.
But her mind kept reminscing
to the times they had before.

He now haunted her once pleasant dreams and drove her to plenty tears.
He was her perfect person and she’d love him for endless years.

But now was time to move on.
To live life for her.
So she kept on trucking through with her head held high
And pulled her self together
And told the boy goodbye.


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