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Days 1-10 of my photo challenge

Photography…it’s sorta part of my thing.  I tend to sell myself short on my skill set for it but even still, I know I have a ways to go.  It’s a never ending process really. So I decided to actually get back into the swing of things and do a 30 day photo challenge that I’m labeling #aworldadventure on Instagram.  (Be sure to follow me at the same username @aworldadventure.)  Anyways, I figured you guys might enjoy seeing days 1-10 of what I’ve got so far.  Each day I post a theme and it’s up to me or whoever is participating to interpret it and capture a picture that reflects it. Let’s begin

Day 1: In your home
Day 2: Technology
Day 3: Obsession
Day 4: Lights
Day 5: A good habit
Day 6: Fruit
Day 7: Patterns
Day 8: Lines
Day 9: Inspirational/On my mind
Day 10: Low Angle

What are you guys thoughts?  Like what you see?!



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