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L’oreal Moisture Blur vs Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer

Primers.  I never really understood the full purpose of them. I think it’s partly due to ones I’ve used in the past just didn’t do much for me so why spend money on yet another product to slather on my face.  However, I recently decided to branch out and give primers another try and this time my experience has been a complete 360 from before.

I ended up having a $1.50 rebate on any Rimmel London primer so after a little research I opted for their Fix & Perfect primer. It promises to smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify and protect which I find their claims to be pretty accurate.

DSC_0040 I’ve used this for roughly a month now and actually love using it.  It smooths out my face, creating almost a flawless canvas for my remaining makeup application.  It brightens, just like promised, to make my skin look “alive.” It helps keep the little oil I have at bay adding to their “mattifying” claim. Now I must preface and say I don’t like mattifying products but this is more of a natural, calm your oily skin mattifying, which I don’t mind.  My face also doesn’t feel dry with this nor does it feel greasy. It’s just oh so smooth, and my face by the end of the day still looks absolutely great! A+ for Rimmel on this one.

As far as L’oreal Moisture Blur goes, I’m still on the fence about it.  I’m a huge fan of their Revitalift line, but I’m not sure this product will be added to my list of favorites.


Even though this isn’t marketed as a primer, I’ve read that’s what many people use it for.  I’ve tried it both as a primer and as more of a moisturizer, but I don’t necessarily like it either way.  However, I did find a way that seems to work.  I bought this off eBay and I kinda wonder if it’s a little old and in my mind, that’s what I’m going to say because I really do love the revitalift line.

When used as a primer and even a moisturizer, it seems to sit on top my skin. I read that can happen when you use too much but literally a small little dab for my whole face and maybe not even that much and I still feel the same.  I don’t know about my whole face of makeup but I know for sure that my undereye concealer melts right off within a matter of minutes and I definitely don’t feel this helped “blur” my face or extend my makeup in any way, shape, or form.  Could it be bc my face is already pretty smooth and tight (thanks to other amazing skincare products I’ll review later)? Maybe. But who knows.

Now, with that said, I did mention I found a way that works much better.  I end up using my rimmel primer as normal on top my moisturizer, let that sit a minute before applying my tarte airbrush powder foundation (review can be found here), then dab on a very small amount on areas like my forehead, chin, and inner cheek area near my nose.  This, I feel, works the best and does allow me to see it “blurring” out those areas a bit.

Would I recommend this??  Yes and no.  I think people with slightly more “rough” skin would probably see the most benefit for blurring than those of us that have fairly smooth skin already.  And secondly, I do suggest just going ahead and purchasing direct from the store to make sure you’re not getting an old or expired product like I think I ended up with from eBay.

Have any of you ladies given these a try?  Let me know your thoughts!


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