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Tarte Airbrush Foundation

I’ve said plenty times before that I’m not a makeup person. But with that being said yet again, I will state I do enjoy the semi year visit with my sister who is the complete opposite of me. She lives for makeup. She has a gigantic tote full of it. Sooooo when I see her, I always strive to try out several products and find what I like. This go round has been quite the discovery (well so was last year when she introduced me to Benefit Erase Paste…greatest stuff ever!) Anywho. People. I’m talking about Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation.

It’s a powder foundation where a little goes a long way. It is suggested to use with one of their brushes but I just use one I already had by real techniques. It blends into the skin quite nicely and I hardly notice it on my face which is the hugeeeee selling factor for me. I hate….hateeee…makeup on my face so this has been a winner.

I went with the shade light neutral and it works perfectly now that I’m losing my tan. Even still it worked great on my slightly darker complexion bc I was able to compensate with a bit of bronzer. My skin tone airs on more of the olive/yellowly side and even though the powder does have a mix of yellow and pink undertones, I do not have any issues color/tone wise.

It comes with a little net that I’ve read some people hate but for me personally it’s great. It allows for only a slight bit of powder to be deposited on your brush and a slight bit is really all you need. I will go ahead and preface this and say that it is marketed as a full coverage foundation. However, since I use so little and “just enough” to smooth out my face, I cannot attest to the full coverageness of it.

Another thing I love about this is that it’s cruelty free (as is the entire Tarte line). Downside is that it retails for $36 and being the cheapskate I am, I found this on eBay for $20 total.

Have any of you ladies given this a try? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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