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Curly Hair Don’t Care-products that saved me

I’m a wild child. A fluffy, puff ball of a mess. And I’ve learned to embrace that. I’ve learned to appreciate the coils flying everywhere from my head despite how crazy I feel I look with them. I tried to run from them for some time but they can’t be beat and refuse to be controlled. So….I let them free.

The journey hasn’t been easy. It’s been a few years in the making to get to the revived state I’m in now but it’s all been worth it and I FINALLYYYY found my holy grail products that brought my once dry, coarse, breaking, fragile hair back to life.

so much love for these brands
I tried so many things but having multicultural/mixed hair, almost nothing worked for me. And then….then I discovered Shea Moisture and Miss Jessie’s. Throw some castor and sweet almond oil in the mix and that’s when my life became so much more complete. Ladies. I am NOT making this up.

My hair has been completely transformed. It’s now soft, oh so manageable, and slowly becoming pretty amazing. Now don’t get me wrong. I still have plenty problems with fighting frizz, running from the dreaded humidity and all the typical curly girl issues. But my point is that there IS hope out there for us naturals.

I still look quite wild since its in that awkward growing out stage and it’s trying to take better shape but hey, I embrace it anyways and rock it out.

So ladies. Please. I beg you. Pleaseeee give these products a try. Trust me on this. Just. Do. It. You won’t be disappointed.


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