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Two faced over here 

Sitting here wrapped in a towel with toner in my hair, I got the urge to dabble in some makeup. I think I’ve worn it once in a two month period (not counting my mascara and beloved erase paste for my undereyes that I wear as my daily face) so I decided to play. 

 I painted on half a face, did up my eye, added some bronzer, looked in the mirror and was like “whoaaaa hot damn.” (Ok that side of my face anyways).  I was looking fly, smooth faced, and just put together. I decided “hey let me snap a picture,” as I was curious to see this two faced look I had in an actual picture. And that’s when I realized a few things. 

Cue below pic. Please excuse my craziness but I was wrapped in a towel with my hair pulled back. 

 Can you tell what side is done? The left. The left is done. The right just has mascara and a bare face like I’ve been doing for a couple months. Now, let me tell you what I’ve come to realize. You see, while I look great with bells and whistles and will continue to wear a full face of makeup here and there, I’ve learned to accept and appreciate the real me. The undone, raw version of me. 

Sure, my undereye area looks absolutely amazing and way less bulgy and dark…and that I am a fan of…but the eyeliner hides my lashes and makes them look shorter compared to the undone side. My freckles….imperfections most people try to hide…I want to show through and sadly the foundation covers up a crucial part of what makes me “me.” 

My point is: we should learn to embrace ourselves.  We should learn to love our “flaws” and turn them into a positive.  We should learn to love our raw, vulnerable versions because until then, I believe there is a part of us we will always keep hidden. And really, why should we. 

Let’s just live. Live and be free. 


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