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Struggling Ever Still

Written by me: May 29, 2016

My heart is broken.
I will never be the same.
Words fail me and leave me speechless
As I’m left here in pain.

I loved you so deeply
Unlike anything I’d ever known.
You were my perfect person.
You were where I belonged.

There was a hope I saw before me.
A glimmer of light I wanted to grasp.
But you gave me no warning.
No signs before your departure.

You simply disappeared from my reach.
Silence became the game.
Now I’m left here breaking
With tears falling in shame.

Shame for allowing myself to love you
To ache for you to the core.
Tears for the good times
The memories I endure.

And though my heart is bleeding
Struggling ever still.
I must remember the lessons
I’ll always be left to feel.

I will love you for always
Despite our despair.
For you, my dear,
My heart will always care.


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