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Happiness 21-25

Sitting outside enjoying sunshine a few weekends ago, I had some time to come up with the next installment of my happiness list that’s been long overdue.

21.  Change–It’s scary. Frustrating. Nerve Racking. Tedious. But in the end…worth it.  I love the new opportunities it brings. I love and hate the mind boggling moments, the weak points, but change opens our eyes or at least it should.  And that…that’s what I love about it.

22.  Quotes–One theme for a lot of my posts you’ve probably noticed is my love of quotes. I love spending a lot of my time reading pages of them. I love when I come across one that just hits home.  That one quote that takes everything you can’t put into words and lays it out right there on the page in front of you. 

23.  Sarcasm–Yes. You read that right.  Sarcasm makes me happy (to a point).  I love to dish it out and love when people around don’t get offended by it, and I love when someone joins me in my sarcastic tendencies.  It just makes me smile.

24.  Laughter–How does laughter not make anyone happy?  I mean…laughter and happiness go hand in hand with each other.  It’s literally one of my favorite things to do, and I can never get enough.

25.  Phone calls with my Grandmother–I love it when we get to speak.  We try to touch base once a week and fill each other in on what’s new in life. I admit that I actually HATE talking on the phone.  She’s the only exception.  Yea, that’s true love right there.


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