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Recipe updates!!

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve managed cooking up a handful of deliciousness yet again and I’m here to share it with you guys. Let’s begin! (As a side note, I think you’ll see a theme here…)

Homemade calzone filled with fresh spinach, bacon, onions, and italian cheese shredded blend.  I had the idea all by myself?! Who would have thought?!  One thing I will note is that I used the pillsbury canned pizza dough for this.  Don’t do it.  I didn’t like the way it tasted for this at all.  It was too…biscuity tasting.  And I love biscuits, but it just didn’t work for this.  Find a recipe online and home make the crust if you’re going to give this a go.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts
This one may just become a staple at my dinner table.  All in all it’s kind of difficult to mess up chicken but yet some people still manage to do so.  With this, you’re guaranteed a winner.  Stuffed this with bacon, spinach, cheese, and green onions and served with one of those steamable side dishes of potatoes and green beans.

Slower Cooker Chicken
Threw some chicken in the slow cooker with some soy sauce, brown sugar, green onions, lime juice, garlic, and seasonings.  Surprisingly turned out well.  Very Asiany.  Ended up serving with stir fry noodles and scrambled eggs mixed in.  However, I do suggest going with rice instead.  I think that would have been the better option.

Blackened Shrimp, Bacon, and Green Onion Cast Iron Skillet Quesadilla
This changed my life. Completely.  Heavenly, pure bliss.  And in no way healthy and I just don’t care.  One thing to note, I doubled the bacon because 4 strips just isn’t enough and I added in some freshly sliced garlic while sautéing the shrimp.  I didn’t mind the monterey jack cheese it called for but the hubs is quite picky when it comes to cheeses and suggested mozzarella next time.  Ok I will oblige.  I don’t think you can actually go wrong with this no matter what.

Homemade right down to the sauce.  And oh so fresh tasting.  We always make our own tomato sauce and once you try it, you’ll understand why.  You can find the recipe here. (Side note, we rarely add salt as suggested.)  Make a mixture of ricotta, mozzarella, onions, green onions, and seasoning.  For the noodles, 9 total was fine (3, 3, and 3).
Putting it all together:
Row of noodles, layer with ricotta mixture, layer of spinach, layer of ground meat, then sauce and repeat til finished.  The last 3 noodles went on top and then I covered it with mozzarella and baked on 350 for about 25-30 minutes.

Seriously, folks….that quesadilla ain’t no joke.  I’ve ranted and raved about it for days now.  Please, please, please, give it a go!  That stuffed chicken too.  Food. Why do I love you so?!


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