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Daily Organization

The past couple weeks, I’ve been keeping a planner and listing things to do for the day as well as what exercises/body part day it is, what’s for dinner, and a quote of the day.  This little organization has helped my life tremendously.  It keeps me focused. On track. Motivated.  Why?! I honestly don’t know. It’s something so simple but so incredibly helpful, and I will continue sitting down each night prepping for the next day or two.

Having a list in front of me may seem insignificant but getting to scratch off something is rewarding. I feel a little more accomplished that way.  Wash dishes. Check.  Put up laundry. Check.  Work. Check….yes that’s on my list some days because it really is a chore to get up and go.  Leg day. Chest day. Bi’s and tri’s. Whatever. Check and check.  (Don’t you feel a sense of empowerment there?!?!) Hmm what’s for dinner? Well I’m glad you asked.  Let’s check my handy planner for that.  Oh looky there. We’re having…… And last but not least, those daily quotes.  Those string of words set out there to inspire me.  That one saying that makes me think.  That hits home.  It’s all such a great mix I can look back on down the road and reflect on the progress I’ve made as each day passes.

Make an organization planner.  Throw some goals in there and follow through on your tasks. It’s one of those little things that can change your life. Literally.


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