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Just Lessening the Blow

I came across this poem I actually wrote back in May and realized I never posted it.  I feel like a lot of people will be able to relate or at least understand what I mean in the words below which I don’t know if I should feel better about that or sad that we as people let ourselves get this way from time to time. (As a side note, I took that pic up above…how cool is that?!)

“One thought after the other.
Rolling into one
Until you don’t even know what you’re thinking anymore.
Or what you’re feeling.
You’re just…numb.

You want this.
You want that.
Yes. No.

A constant battle inside
Until you get to a point you can’t take it anymore.
You just sorta…shutdown

On auto-pilot.
You’re not happy.
You’re not sad.
But mentally, you can’t take the constant questions racing through your head.

You go back to shutting people out.
Because it’s how you function…
How you survive.
All the while still fighting your internal demons and carrying on.
………………Just lessening the blow.”

Written by: Me (May 31, 2015)


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