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Week of Recipes

It’s that time again!  I’ve thankfully stuck with my commitment to try a few recipes throughout the week, and I’m glad I have.  Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Easy Pad Thai
I’m not crazy about a lot of Asian dishes but Pad Thai is one thing I did enjoy while living in Thailand.  I’ve only had it a couple times since I’ve been back to the states and that’s going on 3+ years so when I found this recipe I was pretty stoked to try it out.  Me and my picky self actually enjoyed this quite a bit.  It provided great flavor and made a pretty good amount so I had plenty leftover.  One thing that I suggest is to eat it immediately after making it.  I let it sit for probably about 30 minutes since hubby ending up working late and the noodles soaked up the juice and was a little dry.  Other than that, give this a go.

Peanut Butter Blondies
First glance, these look absolutely amazing.  However, I was extremely disappointed.  They just didn’t do it for me.  But I have to give them props for being super easy to make.  If ever I am really wanting a dessert with limited resources, then I’d make these again to fill the void but other than that, probably never again.

Cilantro Lime Quinoa
Oh man. This has such great taste. It’s healthy and quite filling.  I didn’t measure out the lime but instead just squirted from the bottle thinking it called for two teaspoons but it turns out it called for two tablespoons so I’m actually glad I didn’t add as much as it said.  It was a little too much lime for us so next time, which yes there will be a next time, I’ll add a little less lime and more cilantro (and more jalapeño bc I added maybe 1/4 of one bc I was too scared to add a whole one!)  I ended up pairing this with baked salmon with a walnut panko seasoned crust, which that in itself was pretty amazing.

Slow Cooker Zuppa Toscana
Who doesn’t love this awesome dish from Olive Garden?!  It’s pretty amazing, but sadly, I never go there to enjoy it so when I came across this slow cooker version I knew I had to give it a go.  Instead of getting ground italian sausage, I just got the links and cut them up (blame it on not reading the ingredient list thoroughly).  Also used regular potatoes instead of the pre-diced with onion packet and added the onions separately.  So good.  So so so good.

Birthday Cake Blondies
Cake batter anything calls my name because I mean, yellow cake mix just rocks!  I’m not the biggest fan of sprinkles or better yet, I’m picky about sprinkles so I chose to omit them.  They came out a little dry but that’s my fault.  I didn’t want to overdue it with the milk since she said add sparingly so I played it safe, but I know for next time.  Overall, they aren’t bad.  I probably should have added the sprinkles…or maybe some peanut butter/chocolate chips.  Or top with icing……..

Until next time!




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