Family time

I had the pleasure of getting to visit family and friends over the Christmas holiday and I must say, it makes me sad to live so far away. Now don’t get me wrong. I love where I live. I don’t love the drive home though. I don’t like not getting to see my family more than once or twice a year. I don’t like that I’m missing out on so much with people that mean the world to me.  But nonetheless, I cherish the moments I do get with them.

When I walk into my grandparent’s home, my soul smiles.  And this year wasn’t any different.  Thankfully, we were able to spend the whole week there which made my grandmother more than happy.  Sure, with everyone piling in and running around getting things prepared for Christmas day to come, things can get a bit chaotic.  Errands had to be ran. Food had to be prepped.  Dishes washed. Dogs running around everywhere.  But in the end, it’s all worth it.  We’re making memories.

And when it comes time to leave, just like every time, I’m never ready for that moment.  But I’ll anxiously await the next go round.

(As a side note, I was able to stop in to see a friend I haven’t seen in 12 years!  It was definitely nice to see her!)


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