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Yoga with Adrienne>>Day 1&2

I started this a few months ago but stopped at day 10 thanks to lovely, early pregnancy exhaustion.  But now that we’ve experienced our situation and there is no longer a little peanut in there, I decided I needed to get up off the couch and get to it.  So back to Yoga with Adrienne I went.  You can find her on YouTube with some pretty amazing videos to get you going.  I’m currently back to the 30 day challenge and figured I’d document my time going through it to hold me accountable.

Now…let me not jump way ahead of myself here.  I’ve done day 1 and 2.  Today would…yes “would” make day 3 if i actually did it.  But it’s Friday.  it’s been a long week. And I just don’t feel like stripping down into gym clothes only to get redressed to run a couple errands later this evening.  It’s pure laziness I know but it is my current situation.

Day 1 & 2 pretty much went the same.  I got down on the floor to begin and here came the dogs.  One laid down up against me and the other shoved her toy in my face.  They just weren’t very cooperative but made me laugh in the process.  Even though I was fighting to work around them and playing on my phone during a bit of it (yes I know, shame on me but it kept me focused enough to actually do the yoga without getting all impatient), I still managed to get a good workout.

Mentally, it’s hard for me to just shut off my brain and I think overall, this will help with that some….if I let it.  I’m also planning on getting back into lifting weights.  I don’t plan on going back to lifting heavy any time soon, but I do want to get back into it nonetheless.  And as I said, I want to be held accountable for actually doing it.  Motivation isn’t always easy so this is where I’m starting.

Stay tuned to see how days are progressing!


2 thoughts on “Yoga with Adrienne>>Day 1&2”

  1. Way to go! I’m your number one supporter, and staying motivated is definitely hard but you’ve come further than so many already! I’ll be that little bug on your shoulder telling yu to keep going 😍 a little goes a long way

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