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Life happens

Sometimes, life happens.  Sometimes we run from it. Others, we embrace it.  Change happens. Change makes us stronger or brings us to our knees.  It grows a person or destroys them.  It’s all in the way you look at it.  It’s all in the way you, as the person, choose to react to whatever situation.  Life isn’t always how we want it to be.  The things in our life aren’t always how we envisioned but being happy and making the best of it is the best route. The best option.

Sometimes, we hurt when our reality doesn’t line up with what’s in our head.  Sometimes, we’re happy that it doesn’t or maybe does.  Sometimes, life is just complicated and confusing and other times, the answers are straight in front of our face.  A person, a place, a thing, whatever it may be.  Something in your life that makes you smile. That opens your heart and soul to feel.  To grab life by the horns and run with it.  We could spend our whole lives searching. But it’s in those moments we let our guards down that we are able to truly live.

Life will never go how we want it to go.  It will throw plenty of curve balls.  It will cause hurt and happiness. Laughter and tears.  We just need to be strong and roll with everything that comes our way.


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