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Pesky Pet Peeves

We all have them  We all have those things that drive us mad.  Those pet peeves that get to us.  That make us…ok me..want to hit someone or something. (Eeeek that kinda makes me sound like a crazy, raging maniac! I promise that is not the case!)

I’m a sarcastic person (…cough cough, shocker) so people’s moments of either stupidity or straight rudeness or oblivion doesn’t sit well with me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have my own moments.  My “did I just do that” situations. And I’m not proud of that, but it happens.  To everyone.  But when moments aren’t just moments…

  1.  Merging onto the interstate going 30 mph.  Unless it’s traffic packed, then there isn’t any reason for that.  You are merging into 70+ mph cars coming your way and are now making it unsafe for everyone behind you trying to merge as well.  MOVE!!!
  2. People who either a) jump in front of you in traffic and slow down,  b) people you pass because they are slow poking around and then decide to speed up once you pass, or c) ride up on you and get over to pass but stay right along side of you.  Ugh!  Attention all you people:  maybe try CRUISE CONTROL or don’t do it?!?!?!
  3. Dumb, here’s your sign, questions/remarks.  We all know Bill Engvall and his “Here’s Your Sign” bit.  Well, I’ve definitely encountered my fair share! Several months ago, I was carrying my puppy when leaving work heading to my car (and provided she was super tiny at her 6 week state, you could easily tell she’s a dog),  an elderly lady (not one that you’re like “oh an old lady, awww but just an elderly lady. sweet but man…).  Anyways, an elderly lady walked up to me and asked, “Is that a dog?”  Now let me remind you of my sarcastic ways.  I stood there for a moment in silence to compose myself and proudly and calmly answered, “yes.”  That took great patience on my part.  I mean, of course it’s a dang dog! What else does it look like?!
  4. Just dumb crap in general (yes kinda goes with the above).  So the other day, my husband bought some weights off craigslist, and we needed to go get them.  Fair enough.  Guy sends us his address, we plug it into our navigation and off we go.  Along the way, we ask if there is a certain bank near him.  “No, why?”  Why…why is that a question.  We are going buy something from you. Should be self explanatory.  So my husband responded with “to get $$,” to which the guy responds “I’ll only take cash.” …..No shit! We chose not to respond lest our sarcasm would come out full force.  We “arrive” at the given address…”ummm pretty sure this is the wrong place.  There’s not an apartment complex around here.”  So we call and the guy literally has no clue why we can’t find it and swears we are a certain exit after repeatedly telling him we aren’t.  So I told the hubs just to hang up and I’d google to find the address. When we arrived, we told the guy he gave us the wrong address and hubby showed him his phone.  The guy pulls out his phone to check it and asks if HE sent us that…….Well I don’t know man. What do you think?  Did someone else magically text from YOUR phone??  Whew.  It was an experience to say the least.  But you catch my point about dumb crap.  At least I hope.

Ok.  I feel a little better now.  Got out some venting!! But seriously guys, can any of you relate??


2 thoughts on “Pesky Pet Peeves”

  1. I feel like we all get annoyed at things from time to time and ranting is definitely a great outlet for releasing stress, and as far as bad drivers… they are everywhere and we share the same feeling towards them! LOL

    But I’d like to mention I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award, I know you’ll have fun sharing 7 facts about yourself like it did.
    Check out my post and let me know when and if you decide on joining in on the fun ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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