It’s a Spidery Thing

Anyone who loves photography knows you must always be looking for opportunities. Opportunities most people overlook.  Opportunities that can offer up a great photograph.  And last weekend, I found one.

I happened upon a gigantic spider web in the backyard. Spider webs are not easy to photography in general but add in a slight breeze and cue the difficulty of my so called opportunity. I struggled with focusing on those tiny strands with little dew drops plaster along them.  I was determined though.  I could have probably broke out my tripod but let’s face it.  I was too lazy to walk myself back in the house and grab it then go through the notions of setting it up.  So, I pushed through.  And I finally got it.

Now, let me not get too far ahead of myself.  Yes, I captured the shot, but not without the expense of lack of focus.  It came out a bit blurry and too much noise, but it’s a learning experience nonetheless.

Take a look!



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