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They Change our Direction


“Some people cross your path and change your whole direction.”…Positive or negative, whichever way you interpret it, the validity and truth of it remains.  Because we do meet these people.

We meet these people that come in and wreck our lives, turn it upside down, and walk away leaving us shattered and torn. Broken and bruised.  But then…then we meet these people who come into our lives and make us question things.  Makes us see things in a new light.  Makes us see things about ourselves we didn’t know we were capable of.

These people come along and change our mindsets.  They open our hearts and souls to accepting…receiving…the good things and feelings in life.  They make us laugh.  Cry.  And thankful beyond compare.

A friend. A lover.  A soulmate. Whatever the role, they will continuously remain a huge part of our lives…our hearts. And we will be thankful for them more than they will ever realize.

Because of them, our lives are forever touched…and forever changed.


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