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Music…Good Music


Music.  It’s such a part of everyday life.  It’s part of what drives me.  It’s what I crank up the volume to on the way to and from work.  It makes me happy.  Makes me sad.  Makes me feel some type of way.  And that’s what it’s supposed to do.  But what I’ve come to find over the years is that music has lost so many qualities because so many songs are just songs now.  It’s a rare occurrence to really “feel” a song.  To feel the passion and emotion of the singer.

A song is supposed to pull you in and make you feel every word whether you can relate to the lyrics or not. Those handful of artists that really pour out their hearts…those are the ones I hold the utmost respect for.

For me personally,  I love listening to covers.  It allows me to not only discover some great talent but sometimes listen to different takes on the song that I end up liking better than the original.  Below are the two most recent I’ve had on repeat during part of my day.  The second one isn’t the full song since it’s from an Xfactor audition, but I love how much the song means to him.  Both of these make me “feel” it.  This is what we need to get back to in today’s music.

Have a listen and tell me what you think!


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