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And the tables turn 

I like being behind the camera. Not in front. I like capturing those split second moments. Those details you don’t notice with the naked eye. And I don’t like it to be of me. Buttttt I came to realize some things.

I’ve said for about three years now how much I want to get better at photography. And sure, I’ve gotten better than when I first started, but the truth is…I should be a lot further along than I am. But. I’m not. I stopped for a while, and I don’t take the time to really push myself. Plus I don’t give myself enough credit. Not just in photography but in most things. Another issue that holds me back is I like nature or objects. If it’s a flower, landscape, or anything that isn’t a person, I’d rather photograph it instead.

I realized I can be better. I am better. I just have to believe that. AND PRACTICE. I need to learn how to photograph people…break out of my comfort zone.  I also decided to suck up my insecurities and be my own test subject because what better way to learn than with myself.  And how can I expect others to be comfortable and at ease in front of the lens when I am not.  It’s not really fair, is it?

So this past week, I made a promise to myself to advance my skills (or lack thereof).  As a previous post mentions, I bought some fabric I can use for backgrounds (also pictured here as featured image) for portraits and tested them out myself.  I must say…I’m quite impressed.  I’m not necessarily pleased with them because I know there are so many things I need to work on to make them better, but overall, they didn’t turn out too shabby.  And I had fun!  Maybe it was the fact I was home alone with just the two dogs and didn’t have any eyes watching me but whatever the case, it was an interesting time.  I did have to take ALOTTTTT of pics and erase ALOTTTTTTTTT of them, but I managed to find a handful I liked.  Tell me what you think!!

DSC_0397 DSC_0356-2DSC_0272      DSC_0380-2


3 thoughts on “And the tables turn ”

  1. I get how you feel! It’s like as though you feel unsafe to take pictures of yourself with people around you, afraid of being judged but once when you get into your comfort zone of solitude, you open up and be like ‘hey, I’m actually not that bad! *inserts smiley face*’ well, I think you look great and adorable!!! The next time round, just snap a pic of yourself in front of others if you feel like doing so and don’t give a damn on what they will think of you. It’s YOUR life! Just have fun 🙂 and enjoy the moment

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      1. No, this confirms that you’re sweeter:) it’s my pleasure! Just wanted to take a break from social media and sink myself into other’s shoes.. TURNS OUT yours was a rather pretty one!!!😊 thank you! This comment means a lot to me too!

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