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The Right Time

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The right time.  Is it now?  Tomorrow?  A year from now?  When is it?  Decisions stare us in the face daily that affect not only the short term but long term as well.  So, on major decisions, why rush into something?

YOU, the one making decisions over YOUR life, are met with life altering questions from outsiders.  When asked these things, you choose to give the responsible answer of “when it’s the right time or when I’m/we’re ready, ” only to be met with the good ole typical “oh you’ll never be ready (it’ll never be the right time).”

That statement though.  There is just so much wrong with it.  There is a “right” time.  There is a time when you’re “ready.”  They just never gave that moment an opportunity to get there for them.  The society we live in doesn’t take time to think things through. Sure, there are some moments that are a “hey let’s wing it” but then there are plenty that are not.

Whether it be mentally, financially, or physically, some people just aren’t prepared for some things. They aren’t prepared for that changing of a job.  That move across states.  Getting married.  Having kids. Whatever it may be.  But society pushes people to do these things they aren’t ready for, and I, personally, feel it is irresponsible of people to make major decisions on the basis of “you’ll never be ready.”

Because, if you give it time…if you are patient…you’ll feel it.  You’ll wake up one day and know the time is there.  There will still be struggles along the way, but you’ll be stronger.  You’ll be better.  And it’ll make that accomplishment…that decision…so much sweeter and treasured.


4 thoughts on “The Right Time”

  1. I completely agree with you. But somethimes you just need a little push because even if you are ready, somethimes you just don’t realize it until you are pushed


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