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Happiness 6-10

And the list continues. The list of randomness of the things that make me happy.

6. Crisp fall air–not everyone understands this but there’s something about fall weather that makes me smile every time I walk outside. It’s refreshing. Soothing. Energizing. And just downright amazing.

7.  Candles–bath and body works candles to be exact. I mean…have you smelled those things. Man they are freakin awesome. I’m not a huge fan of the winter scents but the summer ones are bliss. They smell up my entire house unlike many other brand candles that you can only smell if you are right up on it.  I’m like a kid in the candy store when I get an email saying candles are on sale plus an additional coupon. So what if I stock up?!?!

8. Music–listening to music has a way of getting me lost. Mentally lost. I can be sitting there doing something and just get swept away listening to it. I like that some songs can take you back to a moment and bring you to the future. That they can make you happy or elicit sadness from your emotions. And then there’s the part of being the one making the music. Despite it being years since having played, anytime I get in front of a piano, my heart skips a beat.

9. Traveling–having had the opportunity to live overseas for a couple years in Thailand and Korea, it’s opened my eyes to alot of things. I love experiencing different cultures and ways of life and the values it teaches me. Now don’t get me wrong.  Traveling is hard. It’s expensive. It takes time. And then you just have the whole language barrier thing to overcome. But. It’s all totally worth it and I can’t wait for the day my bank account allows me to travel again. I’m getting so antsy. Take me away!

10. Soft snuggly blankets–who doesn’t love being wrapped up in oversized, super plush, oh so soft, comfy blankets?!?! My point.

That’s all for now! To be continued….


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