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Call me a fan of reading juicy novels.  Yes. I’m one of those.  But in all honesty, I just really find them to be just great books.  They really draw you in.  I’m quite the 50 Shades fan but not the psycho ones that lined up for the movie opening day and yada yada.  I just actually love the suspense of the book…the whole “oohh what’s gonna happen next?!”

This year, I read the competing series Sylvia Day’s “Crossfire”.  I liked those books as well buttttt, they were draining.  There was so much back and forth but I had already invested time in reading them that I had to keep going.

I guess with the Crossfire series fresh in my mind and the awaited 50 Shades movie, my mind started turning.  I picked up my pen and just started scribbling away.  Enter the below poem:


I’ll scorch you with the fire in my eyes
The burning flames of desire.
So much passion…
The need to feel you.
My skin brushing against yours.
The grazing of my hand as it eagerly explores the softness of your lips
As I crash into them.
Succumbing to you
Your magnetic pull
Losing myself in you.
And watching you do the same.
Watching you as I drive you wild.
Coming undone.
Losing all control.
Reflecting in that moment that fire…
That burning flame…
Overtaking us.

(written by me at some point in 2015)


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