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The Beginnings of a List (1-5)

I’d rather be in bed.  That statement is truer than true.  Today…well…today, I just don’t feel good.  I”m sick.  I’m tired.  And just plain whiny. I’d crawl under the covers and hide away at this very moment if I could.  But, the world around me continues on.  It continues on in it’s monotony. In it’s comings and goings.  In it’s ups and downs and everything in between.  And it got me thinking.

Yesterday, I found an article from a fellow blogger (breybrey44) that inspired me.  She made a list of 100 things that make her happy and encouraged others to do the same. ( I thought it really was a neat idea and would eventually try it, but it hit me today how thankful I am of a few things.  Soooo, why not start my list?!?!

Things that make me happy/Things I’m thankful for:

1.  For starters…my bed.  Today of all days.  It’s nice, warm, and oh so comfy.  Plus, it’s a haven for these moments.  A comfort zone.  Kinda like our medicine.  “Give me my bed and it’ll make everything better, ” is what I picture people saying.  When I am away from it, say out of town or such, and can’t sleep in my own bed, I just don’t sleep the same.  I’m restless and just cranky the next day.  So yes, I am thankful for my bed.  All day. Every day.

2.  Peppermint tea…that dang awesome soothing aroma was a miracle for the short while it took for me to drink it this morning.  The major benefit for me is that it’s caffeine free!!

3.  Vacations…despite not really getting to take long or “actual” vacations the past few years, we always try to get away once a year for a couple days and head to new places.  Last night we booked a Labor Day weekend trip to Daytona Beach, FL.  Surprisingly, we got a great deal on the hotel too.  And I hear they have great shopping down there….give me all the sales/outlet stores and I’m set!

4. Beaches…while this kinda coincides with vacations above, it’s still its own category.  Who doesn’t love a beach? Ok so I know many people don’t, but I thankfully don’t fall into that category.  I love beaches.  Staring out into the crystal clear waters is soothing.  I don’t actually like getting in the water but being out in the open, laying on the sand, soaking up some sun, and smelling that fresh coastal air is relaxing and breathtaking.   There’s just something about it that awakens the senses and settles the soul.

5.  Photography…being able to capture those small little details that’s hard to see with the human eye and bringing moments to life, moments I can look back at years down the road and say “I created that.”  Being a photographer changes the way you think, feel, and see things.  You always see life through a lens despite not actually looking through one.  You look for those “picture perfect” moments whether you’re just riding down the road or just laying there on that beach.

So there you have it.  There are 5 things….things that have flooded my mind at this given moment.  And I can’t wait to see what I conjure up for the next five….


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