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Dogs…the key to your heart 

The thing about pets, they’re not just pets. They are family.  Our best friends. Our life savers.  They fit into spaces of our hearts we didn’t know were empty.  For me, and many others, they are our children.  And you can’t ever imagine being without them.

For me, they’ve taught me so much.  But mostly, they’ve taught me how to love.  Sounds silly, right?!  But it’s true.  My heart has opened to feel with these little boogers to thank.

It all started with Cooper, our 2 year old, black and white Aussie.  We got him when he was just 3 months old.  Our other dog at the time, Honey, was needing a friend so we caved and got him.  From that first day, I fell in love.  He made my heart smile.  Fast forward, to over 2 years later, and I still feel the same.

Then, a year ago today, my husband’s beloved Honey had to be put down.  It broke his heart.  Imagine losing your best friend and something/someone you so dearly loved.  Yes. That devastation.  So Cooper became an only child.  We weren’t sure how he’d manage but surprisingly, he managed.  It took its toll on him though.  He became scared and sad and very needy/clingy.  I felt so bad for my little man but selfishly, didn’t want the responsibility of another dog at the time.

My husband wasn’t quite ready for another one either.  But after a few months, he began looking.  And in all honesty, I wasn’t happy about it!  For the full-blooded breed he wanted, I wasn’t willing to dish out the (what I think) is an insane amount for it.  So I kept saying no.  “We don’t need another dog right now,” is what I kept saying.  But then he found the loophole!  “But COOPER needs another dog.  COOPER needs a friend.  COOPER would be much happier.”  Ughhhhh cue the tug on the heart strings there!  I caved…..and I have to admit…I’m so glad I did.

May 7, 2015: Zoe entered our lives.  A little 5 week old puppy.  A baby to say the least.

5wks vs 9wks vs 14 wks

We knew instantly we made the right decision by getting Zoe.  She and Cooper are becoming closer and closer as each week rolls around.  He’s even made a great amount of progress on regaining his confidence.  He’s happier, and you already know that makes me happier.

Ugh…so cute!

 Despite the shenanigans she gets into,  it’s totally worth it.  Because I thought my heart was full with Cooper, but little did I know this little girl would tug at my strings too.  I love them so so so much and yes that may make me sound utterly crazy, but I don’t care.

Because of them, I’ve learned many life lessons.  And it’s because of them, that my heart continues to open to so many possibilities in this life.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France


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